Cloud Infrastructure

Scalable, dependable cloud services

The cloud that powers your custom software.

A cloud service is a vital component of most software deployments. Your cloud service keeps in touch with your users, allowing you to send out push notifications and content updates instantaneously. It also enables survey submissions, payments, account sign-ups, and any other feature where the user will submit data back to your company.

Dependable infrastructure

Codeacious operates server infrastructure on top of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. AWS is the market leader in cloud computing, and is used by some of the world's largest enterprises for mission critical hosting.

We've embraced the 12-factor principles in building our software. We deploy Docker containers using our own home-grown management tools and the Kubernetes container orchestration system.

Your data will always remain on servers physically located in Australia so that it will be subject to Australian laws. If requested we can also increase performance for international users by co-locating data in the United States or other regions.

Security focused

Communication between your users and the cloud is always protected by TLS encryption using strong ciphers and perfect forward secrecy. We combine this with techniques such as certificate pinning for increased assurance. Regular patching, automated monitoring and backups help keep your data safe and secure when it's on our servers.