Management and Hosting

App Management Tool
Control your content from anywhere.

Two images, one a webpage with information about the National Wool Museum, the second image is the same information formatted into an app.

Friendly, self-service management tools

Most mobile apps deliver some kind of content to your customers. This might include news stories, image sets, audio, video, an event schedule or product pricing, to list a few examples. It's essential that you have an efficient way to update and extend this content, even after your app is released.

As a standard inclusion with our app development service, Codeacious delivers a customised App Management Tool to your business. This is a secure website where you can enter content, interact with your users and control other aspects of your apps.

Instant updates

When you release content changes through your App Management Tool, they become visible to your users quickly - often, the very next time they open your app. There is no software update to roll out, and no extra development costs.

Your App Management Tool makes content maintenance a completely self-service task, but we're always available to help if you encounter any issues.

We don't just build these web-based tools, we also take responsibility for deploying and hosting them on reliable infrastructure.

App Hosting
We manage a full suite of infrastructure to support your app.

Graphic illustrating app delivery mechanism

The cloud that powers your app

A cloud service is a vital component of most mobile app deployments. A cloud service is the system that your apps will connect with to store and synchronise data over the internet. This system is sometimes called a backend.

The cloud service keeps in touch with your users, allowing your App Management Tool to send out push notifications and content updates instantaneously. It also enables survey submissions, payments, account sign-ups, and any other feature where the user will submit data back to your business.

Your mobile cloud service needs to be hosted on reliable server infrastructure to ensure that it's always available. Security is also paramount, since the service is accessed over the internet and may store private information about your users.

Dependable infrastructure

Codeacious operates server infrastructure built using the Amazon Web Services platform. AWS is the market leader in cloud computing, and is used by some of the world's largest enterprises for mission critical hosting.

Our default policy is that your data will always remain on servers physically located in Australia so that it will be subject to Australian privacy law. If requested we can also offer services that increase performance for international users by co-locating data in the United States or other regions.

Security focused

Communication between your app and the cloud is always protected by 256-bit TLS encryption using strong ciphers and perfect forward secrecy. We combine this with techniques such as certificate pinning for increased assurance. Regular patching, nightly backups and automated monitoring help keep your data safe and secure when it's on our servers.