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DevOps as a Service.

Trust the company that built your applications to deploy, monitor and scale them in the cloud. With managed application hosting, Codeacious takes charge of provisioning server capacity, configuring domain names, load balancing, redundancy and backups.

Next-generation Infrastructure

We've embraced the 12-factor principles in building our software. We deploy Docker containers using our own custom-built management tools and the Kubernetes container orchestration system.

Codeacious operates server infrastructure on top of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. AWS is the market leader in cloud computing, and is used by some of the world's largest enterprises for mission critical hosting.

Unless otherwise requested, we'll store your data on servers located in Australia.

Security Focused

Communication between your users and the cloud is always protected by TLS encryption using strong ciphers and perfect forward secrecy. We combine this with techniques such as certificate pinning for increased assurance. Regular patching, automated monitoring and backups help keep your data safe and secure when it's under our care.

Mobile Apps


Managed Hosting