Founders Ian Priddle and Glenn Schmidt
Credit: Leiko Manalang


High-school friends Ian Priddle and Glenn Schmidt establish Codeacious out of bedrooms in a small shared townhouse in Gheringhap St, Geelong.
Glenn, a software engineer at Deakin University, and Ian, a designer and audio engineer, leave their jobs to pursue Codeacious full-time.


Having approached the Queenscliff Music Festival for permission to develop a digital program app for their music festival for free as a case study, Codeacious launches its first ever app on the Apple App Store.

Codeacious also moves into its first office alongside train tracks and at the base of an old silo on the outskirts of Geelong's CBD.


To meet the demand of clients wanting low cost marketing websites, Codeacious begins offering very simple websites to small businesses going online for the first time.

These websites were built extremely efficiently and offered at such a low price that customers assumed there would be a catch. This was the company's first lesson in pricing psychology.


Codeacious is approached by an engineering firm in Warrnambool to build a drawing surface app which integrates with their metal folding machinery. This is an extremely satisfying project for the team as it is the first time they see their software produce something physical.


Glenn and Ian become co-founders of their first startup, PanelHype - a peer-to-peer out-of-home advertising platform, with Steven George, Paul Wong, and Brandon Burns.

Codeacious also becomes heavily involved in the establishment of Geelong's very own tech event, Pivot Summit.

The company relocates to a beautiful sun-filled office on the first floor of the old Griffith's Bookstore in Geelong's CBD.


Having always had a dream of building their own software product, in collaboration with the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, Codeacious begins building the first version of their branded ticketing platform for business events, Promptside.


Approached by the extremely talented Tim Malseed, the developer behind the popular Android Music Player - Shuttle, Codeacious hires it's first ever full-time software engineer.

Ian suggests to the Pivot Summit team that Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak be brought to Geelong. Through a series of miracles this actually happens and is Pivot Summit's biggest year.


Having established themselves as a premium software engineering agency amongst the local startup scene, Codeacious is engaged to build their first internet-of-things product.


For a change of scenery, Glenn relocates to Abbotsford in Melbourne, and Codeacious strengthens its remote working processes and capabilites allowing designers and developers to work from anywhere.

Join the team!

We are always looking for passionate, problem solving, designers and developers to join our team.

At Codeacious we value you and your goals in all aspects of life. Work-life balance is very important to us. We are flexible and tailor our positions and work hours to suit your needs.

Our office is available 24x7 for business and personal use and you are welcome to work from home or remotely should you wish to travel.

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