Native Mobile Apps

Custom software for iOS and Android devices


Software in your pocket

Today, smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous. Millions of us carry these high-powered computers that fit in the palms of our hands.

Mobile devices are always on, always connected, and always at hand. They know who you are, where you are and what your preferences are. As a tool for productivity, communication and commerce, there's nothing more engaging and convenient than a well-designed mobile app.


iOS and Android

We develop apps for the iOS and Android operating systems. Together, these two systems run the vast majority of the world's smart phones and tablets, including devices made by Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and many others. By specialising in these platforms, we've come to know them inside out. So we can perfectly tailor your app to each environment.

Native development

Hand-crafted for each platform

We work directly with the application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by iOS and Android. This approach is known as native app development. When you compare it to non-native approaches, such as building a website that pretends to be an app, native has several big advantages:

  • Users will find that your app is more consistent with the others they have on their device. It will look and feel exactly how they expect it to, which makes it easy to pick up and use right away.
  • Your app will be able to take advantage of all the latest mobile hardware and software features.
  • In many cases, your app will have better performance.

Having tried other approaches, we work natively because it gives us maximum flexibility and control over the results. Your users will appreciate it too.

Hosting, support and maintenance

We don't just build and run

Codeacious keeps your app running smoothly with expert hosting, support and maintenance services, including:

  • Cloud service and App Management Tool hosting
  • Content management support
  • Bug fixes
  • Any code changes required to keep your app compatible with the latest mobile hardware and operating systems

Preparing for launch

Getting your app on the store

iOS apps are distributed on the Apple App Store, and Android apps are typically distributed on the Google Play Store. You or your company will need to register as an app publisher. Here are some associated costs to be aware of:

  • Apple will charge you an annual developer fee (currently $99 USD) to list apps on their App Store
  • Google will charge you a once-off registration fee (currently $25 USD) to list Android apps on the Play Store.
  • If you decide to charge users to download your app, these distributors will take a 30% sales commission.

Codeacious will take care of submitting your app to the stores, but you'll need to help out by providing metadata (such as descriptive text for marketing purposes).

Once your app is submitted, it is reviewed and approved for distribution (this usually takes about 2 weeks). If necessary, we will liaise with the Apple or Google review teams to address any concerns, and re-submit the app.