Glenn Schmidt
Head of Software, Founder

With over a decade of experience in software engineering and server ops, Glenn builds systems that are obsessively well architected. He's been programming since he got his at age 7. He has a double degree in Computer Science and Simpsons Trivia.


Ian Priddle
Head of Design, Founder

Ian envisions a future where our interactions with technology are completely seamless. With a background in event production, theatre, and live broadcast, he is no stranger to the idea of creating experiences for audiences. He's an empathetic and pragmatic UX designer who has a passion for listening to .


Tim Malseed
Software Engineer

Tim left his previous career as a Civil Engineer to answer his true calling as a Software Engineer. The proud developer behind the popular Android Music Player, Shuttle, Tim is an Android fanboy who's pedantic about software architecture and passionate about open source. When he's waiting for code to compile he watches the 1980 hit comedy/disaster film,


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